Nic Hillin Farm


Sir Hunter Socks of Tilden

This is Sir Hunter Socks of Tilden (originally from Texas).    He is a Pembrooke Welsh Corgi.  This is the most fantastic Frisbee playing dog I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  He will fetch until he is out of breath, then will lay with the disc until he is ready to go.  He will play forever!  This year his allergy got so bad that I had to take action.  The vet suggested $250 of allergin tests.  I thought, hmmm I had him on lamb and rice food for 3 months with no change - so it isn't chicken and chicken products...  so I shaved him.  WOW - he got a bath, a rinse and well - he was allergic to fleas or whatever it is they do (bite or spit) and that is that.  Saved $250 dollars and now he is no longer an open wound.

The Original Three Amigos

Princess Raja is on the Left - Dixie Doodle - and Mr. Yutu on the right.

Mito's Hustler joined our home in Fall of 2006

Renamed Boyfriend or Hank as he is a very loving horse - who craves affection and the human touch.

Pick Me Pick Me

Boyfriend is just one of those horses that come to you,  there is no chasing around the pasture - he loves to play and get all your attention.